If there is one piece of advice I could pass along to every young person setting up their first household – it would be: invest in good knives. Seriously. If you have good knives and take care of them they will last you for years. You can’t beat the quality, or the value, of the Trio Knife Set I found from the fine folks at Material.

About the Trio Knife Set from Material:

The Almost 4” Knife, The Serrated 6” Knife, and The 8” Knife—who needs a 12-piece set when you’ve got the holy trinity? All three offer the same superior strength, resilience to corrosion, and razor sharp performance that practically does all the cutting, slicing, and dicing for you.”

Hey, the Trio Knife Set from Material make a great housewarming gift for anyone.

Find the Trio Knife Set from Material here.

Visit Material online here.

It is hard to find a way to celebrate Presidents’ Day (Monday, Feb. 17), it’s not like Halloween or the Fourth of July. So that’s why today’s find is so special, the George Washington Novelty Sock from Hot Socks I found available from the fine folks at Dillard’s – the perfect way to honor our first president on his special day.

About the George Washington Novelty Sock from Hot Socks:

“From Hot Sox, these socks feature: George Washington print; Crew fit; One size fits men’s shoe sizes 9-13; Cotton/polyester/nylon/spandex; Machine washable.”

Find the George Washington Novelty Sock from Hot Socks at Dillard’s here.

Visit Dillard’s online here.

I read a lot of nonfiction, and some of it is very heavy. So, every now and then I feel I need to take break and read some fiction. When I want to ensure a great diversion – I head for a few of my favorite novelists – chief among them is Agatha Christie. The most recent book I read by the icon of the mystery genre is one I had never read before – The Man in the Brown Suit, and it was a great as I knew it would be.

About The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie:

“A colorful murder mystery in which a spirited young woman plays amateur sleuth aboard a luxury cruise ship to South Africa. After young Anne Beddingfeld witnesses an accidental death in a London tube station–and the bizarre behavior of a man in a brown suit who flees the scene–she becomes convinced that foul play is at work. A woman is found murdered the next day and the police show no interest in Anne’s theory that the two incidents are connected. Spurred by a cryptic note dropped by the man in brown, Anne impulsively uses all her savings to book passage on a cruise ship heading to South Africa. On the voyage she finds herself at the center of a high-stakes game involving stolen diamonds, high society idlers, a mysteriously attractive young man, and a master criminal and his double-crossing minions.”

It is a testament to her great talent that after nearly a century since she first started writing, Agatha Christie’s novels are still in print and are being discovered by new generations.

The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.



There is only one thing better than the awesomeness of David’s Tea – it is when David’s Tea comes in their Sweet Tart Heart Shaped Tin on Valentine’s Day.

About the Sweet Tart Heart Shaped Tin from David’s Tea:

“As soon as we laid eyes on this caffeine-free cherry tea, it was love at first sight. It’s got an irresistible balance of sweetness and tartness, plus a classic red cherry aroma that’ll sweep you off your feet. Refreshing hot or iced, this fruit infusion of ripe cherries, hibiscus blossoms and little candy hearts will totally steal yours… or someone else’s. This loose leaf tea comes in a giftable heart-shaped tin – an online exclusive!”

Fine the Sweet Tart Heart Shaped Tin from David’s Tea here.

Visit from David’s Tea online here.

Fine pottery, like that from the fine folks at Bauer Pottery, makes a great gift for any occasion. There is no more special occasion for gift giving than Valentine’s Day which makes Bauer Pottery’s Valentine’s Day Gift Set perfect for the love of your life.

About the Valentine’s Day Gift Set from Bauer Pottery:

“This is a great gift idea for Valentine’s season! This set comes with a Pink Rose Bowl, metal flowerpot and of course one live miniature Rose Plant.”

Find the Valentine’s Day Gift Set from Bauer Pottery here.

Visit Bauer Pottery online here.

One of my favorite spots in all the world is the top of the stairs in the central atrium of the Art Institute of Chicago where you emerge to see the iconic Paris Street, Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte. I visit this spot (and several others in the Art Institute) as often as I can when I get to Chicago. Here’s a snapshot of the scene I took on my visit during the holidays.






First of all, the fine folks at Olympia Provisions offer the best salami, sausages and deli meats found anywhere. So they are already cool. But they have outdone themselves with the best Valentine’s Day gift idea ever: their Love Club Meatheart Giftbox.

About the Love Club Meatheart Giftbox from Olympia Provisions:

“Give something meaty to your sweetie all year long! This version of our Salami Postal Provisions Club will not only give your special someone a chance to taste our delicious salami every month of the year, but in the first month they will get our classic Sweetheart Gift Box. With every shipment, we will send a special love letter, written by meat lovers just like yourself!”

Find the Love Club Meatheart Giftbox from Olympia Provisions here.

Find all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Olympia Provisions here.

Visit Olympia Provisions online here.

I don’t often post about cosmetics products, but I have found one that I love so much I have to share it. I have used all manner of moisturizers over the years but none have felt better or made be feel better than the City Skin Potion from the fine folks at Monk Oil.

About the City Skin Potion from Monk Oil:

“Our original and much loved Monk Oil is a protective companion for city dwellers. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. Essential Oils of Cedar and Lavender simultaneously ground, soothe, focus and energize. Rose Absolute Essential Oil balances and uplifts, offering a sense of comfort and well-being.”

Find City Skin Potion from Monk Oil here.

Visit Monk Oil online here.

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