This gift is hard to post about because I received one and I can’ find it available anywhere – so kudos to my friend Sophie who gave it to me. The gift in question is a cute desk-top calendar in the shape of a cat with a different cat for every month propped up on a wooden stand – and it is awesome. The calendar, a work of coolness from the fine folks at Molly & Rex seems to be sold out everywhere. However, you can still find a similar model from Molly & Rex – their 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar.

About Molly & Rex’s 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar:

“A pup always brightens our day, and this cute little corgi will help you count yours. Featuring 12 unique designs for each month of the year, there’s sure to be a furry friend always by your side.”

Find the 2020 Corgi Wooden Stand Calendar from Molly & Rex here.

Visit Molly & Rex online here.

We are just one week into the new year which means it is not too late to make 2020 your best year ever. The fine folks at Chronicle Books are helping us do just that with their interactive journal – Best Year Yet – A Journal for Becoming Your Best Self.

About Best Year Yet – A Journal for Becoming Your Best Self from Chronicle Books:

“For readers looking for inspiration and positive change, this journal provides plenty of ideas and activities—along with a sparkly and uplifting cover—for making small improvements to every aspect of life, ensuring this will be your best year yet. Designed for anyone who needs a little bit of inspiration. Supports making positive changes and self-betterment. Journal with focus on happiness and fulfillment.”

Best Year Yet – A Journal for Becoming Your Best Self from Chronicle Books is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers everywhere.

It’s hard to believe Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago. Considering the months of build up, it is always amazing to me how quickly everything moves on right after Christmas day. Heck, most radio stations who had been playing 24×7 Christmas music for weeks go back to regular programming at Noon on Christmas Day. Crazy. Anyway, I’m still processing all the joy of the season and fully realizing the coolness of some of my gifts. In the coming days I will highlight a few of my favorite gifts from Christmas 2019.

First up, is the Scratch Map Travel Edition from the fine folks at Scratch Map – a scratch-off map that allows you to track all the places you have been.

About the Scratch Map Travel Edition from Scratch Map:

“Prefer to keep your travels a little more compact, but still want everyone to know where you’ve been? Then the travel version of our Scratch Map Travel Original is just what you need. Keep scratching your travels away in miniature form, and proudly display on any shelf or mantelpiece you like.”

Find the Scratch Map Travel Edition from Scratch Map here.

Learn more about Scratch Map and see all their products here.

The fine folks at Homesick Candles make a line of candles with scents reminiscent of cities and states – perfect for folks like me who moved away and get homesick from time-to-time. There is a candle for every state, but of course the New Hampshire candle is the one for me.

About the New Hampshire Candle from Homesick Candles:

“Enjoy an Autumn day in New Hampshire with this fragrance, reminiscent of warm apple cider spiked with cinnamon and clove, cozy hayrides curled under a blanket, and the sweet smells of vanilla in the air.”

It is interesting to note that of all the candles made by Homesick Candles, as of right now, only the New Hampshire candle is sold out. I guess my people miss home more than most.

Find the New Hampshire Candle from Homesick Candles here.

Check out all the Homesick Candles here.

Still cleaning out my phone – and I found this shot of a butterfly resting on a tree trunk I took on one of my lunchtime walks this past fall.

I’ve been back from my holiday trip to Chicago for a while, but just looking at some of the pictures I took – like this one, some of the glittering office towers on the banks of the Chicago River with the buildings of the Loop in their reflections.

FF: The  Calendar Tape Set from Present & Correct

The fine folks at Present & Correct have some great calendars that are cooler than your average wall variety – like the Calendar Tape Set which let’s you make your own calendar on just about any surface.

About the Calendar Tape Set from Present & Correct:

“Make your own calendar, on any wall, with this set of masking tapes. A genius idea consisting of months, days, date & then a reel for notes as well. Simply align them as you wish and stick to the wall. Easily peeled off once you are done.”

Find the Calendar Tape Set from Present & Correct here.

See all the calendars from Present & Correct here.

FF: The 2020 Darth Vader and Son Wall Calendar from Chronicle Books

Meanwhile, the fine folks at Chronicle Books offer a ton of fun options for the more traditional wall calendar, but none as fun as the 2020 Darth Vader and Son wall calendar which imagines what it must have been like for Luke growing up with his dad.

About the 2020 Darth Vader and Son Wall Calendar from Chronicle Books:

“Enjoy a year full of hijinks and life lessons with Darth Vader™ as he rules the Galactic Empire while keeping an eye on his mischievous son Luke.”

Find the 2020 Darth Vader and Son Wall Calendar from Chronicle Books here.

See all the calendars from Chronicle Books here.

OK, I love the idea of goat yoga and watching any viral goat video – yoga or otherwise. Now you can have the fun of goat yoga without the goat – with the Goat Yoga Party Game I found available from the fine folks at Kikkerland. Kind of like Twister for a new generation and perfect to keep the fun and games of the holiday season going just a little bit longer.

About the Goat Yoga Party Game:

“In this hilarious party game, players perform real yoga poses while completing ridiculous challenges with an inflatable goat. From balancing the goat on your head to batting it in the air, to bleating the tune to a song…your game night is sure to be filled with positive vibes and laugh-out-loud fun! Show us your moves!”

The Goat Yoga Party Game is available from Kikkerland.

See all the fun products from Kikkerkand here.

Yesterday I mentioned the great Andy Warhol exhibition currently running at the Art Institute of Chicago. As part of the publicity for the event in the city – a giant replica of Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe painting has been installed overlooking Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

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