I know I am going to regret this, but I must write about a great hotel find in London.

When I travel to a big European city, I like to stay in small hotels in the neighborhoods.  I have never been a fan of the large generic hotels in city centers.  One of my favorite cities to visit is London and I can assure you there is no shortage of small hotels from which to choose.  I have stayed in many of them, and I have to say there are some really good ones, but some very bad ones as well.


A couple of years ago I discovered one of the good ones – Vancouver Studios located in the Bayswater district – close to Hyde Park and Queensway.  

I love this place.  Vancouver Studios is comprised of a few traditional Victorian row houses strung together.  I’ve stayed here a few times and loved every minute of it.  I have to say that if you like the big fancy hotels, you may not like this place.  But if you like the smaller tourist-class hotels, this is the place.  The best part is that each of these rooms is a mini-suite complete with a kitchen area.  Having a kitchen, even just a mini-fridge, can make all the difference when staying in a city as pricey as London.  With the kitchen, you can do some shopping and save on meals.   

The rooms are small but very well appointed – not a wasted space to be found.  The bathrooms are clean and modern and have good water pressure.  And you can’t beat the location.  You are right in the city just a block away from the hustle and bustle of Queensway, but it is relatively quiet.  It is a short walk from the hotel to connect with the Underground and busses.  They even have bicycles to let. 


The big drawback of Vancouver Studios is that there is no elevator.  If you get a room on one of the top floors it can be challenging, but well worth the climb.

I love how they describe the place on their website:  “Scattered around the building are reminders of a bygone era – quirky surprises greet you on every landing. From the warmth and coziness of the drawing room to the sound of a trickling fountain in the hidden walled garden, Vancouver Studios is truly an Oasis in the centre of Bayswater.”

The true charm of this hotel is that your feel like you are staying in a private home, but you have all the privacy you need. 

Again, not for everyone, but a charming place to stay in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. 

Note to LostCowboy fans – get used to hearing about London – I am going to write a ton about it. 

Read more about Vancouver Studios and make a reservation.