I realize that by now you are scratching your head still wondering what this blog is all about.  I don’t know what to say other than I remain convinced that over time there will be a narrative and it will all make sense.  So hang in there.

We’ve learned so far that I have been cleaning out my parents’ house and finding treasures.  We’ve learned a little bit about things I have come across that strike my fancy.  But that’s it, aside from a few random bits about places and things I love (London) and promises it will all come together. 

Today is no different as I tell you about my love of bicycles. I like everything about bikes.  I like riding bikes.  I like looking at bikes.  I just like bikes.  Oh yeah, we have also learned I like new ways to use old things.


So imagine my joy when I came across the very cool work of Bike Furniture Design“Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.”

This stuff is seriously cool and a very clever use of the bike parts.  Some of these pieces are works of art that could totally transform a space from frumpy to hip.

I particularly like the chair.

Check it out.