Lost Cowboy is only a couple of weeks old and we already have a little bit of a following (thanks Mom!)  Most who have “found” us are starting to figure it all out, but there are a few questions that keep coming up.  We keep saying that it will all make sense in time, but from time to time we will answer some of the questions that seem to pop up most often, like this one:

What is the image in the Lost Cowboy banner to the right of the cowboy?

That is an image from a vintage postcard of Piccadilly Circus in London.  London being one of our favourite places to visit and we love vintage postcards.  It was a perfect fit.  We love the banner and feel it is a perfect representation of our blog.  But it was a pure accident that we came up with it.

We knew we needed the cowboy up there – after all he is the inspiration for this all.  But the rest just came together from trial and error.  The banner was pretty much done before we realized it was not wide enough.  We tried stretching the words and the cowboy, but nothing looked right.  We needed another image or two to make it complete.

While searching through our archive of images we like, this lovely rendering of a couple in Piccadilly Circus at night jumped out at us.  The colors are great and it was the perfect balance for the neon “S” in the LOST.  But why did we call out the “S”?  Well, that is a question best answered another time.