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Sophie is still with us, and she is now recommending we take a look at eBay’s new trend-spotting blog The Inside Source.


Being a small independent style blog ourselves, we are not sure about the big players (like eBay) starting their own blogs. It is hard for us to compete with the resources and reach these guys have.  But we love and trust Sophie, so we have been checking it out.

The Inside Source describes itself this way: “The Inside Source is a digital media destination that harnesses the eBay shopping community’s real time buying and selling activity to curate proprietary insights that shape the retail industry and American consumer’s lifestyles. The Inside Source offers fresh, original perspective and editorial content, such as feature articles and opinion pieces written by journalists and shopping specialists, that provides an insider look at what’s hot and what’s next.”

Ok, so it has a interesting point of view and worth checking out, if only to engage your own sense of trend against what the “experts” are saying.

Check it out here.


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