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So yeah, well, I am a collector and I have way more stuff than I need or will ever need.  This is not a bad thing, I love my stuff.  But, as I have written about before, while cleaning out my parents’ house recently, it was made clear of what a lifetime of collecting can leave behind. 


My siblings and I, and many friends who have witnessed what we have had to deal with, have been seeing the things around our homes in a new light.  We are asking ourselves things like: “Are we going to have as much stuff around for our own children to deal with?”

This has led to some of us thinning out our collections in a fit of panic.  I briefly experienced this phenomenon.  I spent a weekend cleaning out my closets and drawers netting seven very large green bags full of clothing donations for the Red Cross.

When it comes to my “stuff” – I declared that I am no longer going to buy any more stuff unless I absolutely needed it.  This all came to an end the weekend before Thanksgiving when Sophie and I went to the last show of the season at Todd Farm, the Sunday antiques and collectibles market in Rowley, MA.

Sophie had just arrived in the States from London for her Thanksgiving visit and suggested the trip.  I had thought the market had closed earlier in the season, but was glad to hear it was still open.  I was so glad we went.  It was a gorgeous late autumn day and the dealers were out in full force hoping to have one last good day before the long winter break.

I of course repeated the mantra “I don’t need anything, I don’t need anything” over and over on the drive north from Boston.  This all went away within the first five minute of being in the fresh air of Todd Farm and seeing all the cool stuff I just had to have.

I found some great stuff to add to my collection: some new cowboy figures so my little guy is not so “lost” and even some gifts for Christmas.  But mostly a lot of stuff that I didn’t need but just had to have.

Ah, a little bit of the disease lives on in my system…

One of my lots from our last visit to Todd Farm in 2009:












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