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Every year when I pull my Christmas decorations out, I end up only using 10 percent of my collection.  I have so much stuff collected over the years that I find that if I put it all out, my house would look like the north pole.  So I end up taking out the must haves and rotating other stuff from year to year.

Lost Cowboy readers will not be surprised that I have a bunch of Christmas “stuff” collected over the years.  I have things from my family’s collection, things I purchased myself and others collected through the years from various sources.  Some of the items are really old and have tons of sentimental value.

When I was writing the recent post about our trip to Todd Farm a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of all the Christmas stuff people had out for sale.  Waves of nostalgia came over me as I saw things I remember my grandmother having, and even a few things that I had in my own collection.  I thought that many of us have vintage items in our collections that we just don’t use anymore and that there may be a market for it as some of us look for the things we remember as kids that are not around anymore.  Or that we may see some of the things long pushed to the back of the attic in a new light.

I have thought about opening a store that sells vintage Christmas decorations and old toys called something like “Christmas Again.”  One of my dreams. 

In the meantime, I was inspired for the Christmas good for sale at markets like Todd Farm.  Here is a sample of some of things we saw:








Have a Vintage Little Christmas!


A Cherry Cherry Christmas – Neil Diamond finally releases a Christmas album


This Bronze Raven Doorbell


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