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We in the Boston area think we know tea.  Heck, the colonies and ultimately the revolution were fueled by the trade and taxation of the stuff… Boston Tea Party anyone?


We are also anglophiles here at Lost Cowboy, so let’s just say we love tea.  If we have the choice between stopping in a coffee shop or a tea shop, we will always choose the tea shop – having tea at a coffee shop is a last resort.

We are big fans of the Tealuxe chain in the Boston area – locations in Harvard Square, Boston’s fashionable Newbury Street and Providence’s hip East Side.  We have often stopped in one of these locations on a cold day to warm up with a nice hot pot of our favorite teas.

So we were very to pleased to finally check out the Tealuxe website to see that you can purchase a variety of teas and tea-related products and have them delivered to you door.  They also offer a printed catalog.

On the other side of the continent there are folks that love tea even more than we do.  We recently came across The Republic of Tea, a California-based tea purveyor with many great product for sale on their website.  The folks at The Republic of Tea are serious about tea, with staff titles such as “Minister of Tea” and “Minister of Commerce.” 


But if you are a tea lover like us you will be  more than satisfied with the selection of teas offered by the Republic.

Check out our East Coast v. West Coast tea purveyors (they both deliver anywhere) you may find some great Christmas gift ideas or great teas to have around for your holiday entertaining:

East Coast: Tealuxe

West Coast: The Republic of Tea


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