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It’s true.  Don’t tell my mother.  But I like to have a few fingers of Bourbon, neat, every now and then.  As a result I have ended up with a few empty bottles.  Some of the Bourbon bottles, mostly Bulliet and Knob Creek, are too beautiful to throw away or recycle, so I have been saving them for years.  Seriously, it took YEARS to collect a few empties.


Anyway, I have been saving the empty bottles hoping to be inspired to use them somehow.  Recently while trying to find a jar or other container to store some of the loose buttons from my mother’s enormous button collection, I came across an empty Knob Creek bottle and was inspired.  I filled the bottle with the buttons an instant piece of art and keepsake was born.

Everybody loves the look of my button bottle and I was happy to have a good way to have a piece of my mother’s collection on display in my home.  As I was preparing for the holidays I came across more of my empty bottles and was inspired to fill them with cranberries.  I loved the look and the splash of color and have made these cranberry bottles the center of my Christmas décor this year.

The Knob Creek bottles are great because they have flat sides and clear glass.  The labels come off easily after soaking in hot water to loosen the glue.  I love the old school look of the Bulliet bottles, and thought leaving the label on added to the appeal.

This is an easy thing to do.  Just take any clear glass jar, bottle or vase and fill it with something colorful.  The cranberries work great in these bottles, but for a large mouthed vase small glass ornaments are cool looking.  Or throw a bag of mixed nuts in their shells in for another great holiday look.




The holiday treats from Georgetown Cupcake


A monogrammed robe or PJs from Brooks Brothers


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