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I was just reading an article about the relatively strong comeback of the oldie but goody vinyl LP record.  It seems the kids today are going all retro up in here and discovering the “joy” and charm of skips, scratches and getting up to turn the platter over.

I am all for it of course.  I have boxes and boxes of 45 rpm records in storage in the loft of the barn of the afore mentioned farm house I am supposed to be helping  clean out. 


Anyway, with a renewed interest in the old records I have heard more than one person say something to the effect of “I wish I hadn’t thrown all my records away when I moved that time.”

I like the trend.  My 14 year-old nephew has classic album covers on his bedroom wall and has a turntable that connects to hip laptop via a USB cord.

But what happened to all the millions of records that are out of circulation?  Many creative types have turned them into art and other functional things over the years.  I recently came across the website of Michael Roger Press, Inc.  – A book binder that “produces a large and ever-changing variety of journals, sketchbooks and other stationery products.”

These guys have taken old album covers and made them covers for journals and old vinyl records for covers of things like photo albums.  They have many to choose from, but I would imagine supplies of some are limited. 

I love new uses for old things.  I would much rather see an old album turned into something new and useful and end up in landfill. 

Check out what’s new at Michael Roger Press, Inc (


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