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I have written about salt before – I love salt.  This holiday season as part of my entertaining, I am going to have a dinner party centered around salt. This is when you put out a variety of exotic salts along with meats and food that can be changed and enhanced by a sprinkle or two.


In my extensive research about salt (can you say “Yahoo!”?) I discovered a great website called  “Saltistry” – which I just love.  It is all about salt and everything related to salt.  The best part is they believe the use of salt can be an art.  Their name, Saltistry, comes from a combination of “salt” and “art.”  I love it!

One of their other mottos is ““Ban the shaker – Just pinch, sprinkle and eat.”

The website is quite informative and includes recipes, how salt is made, and even tips on how to have you own salt party.  They even address concerns over the use of salt and health.  Not surprisingly they promote the relative “health” of using organic salts over the processed shaker variety found in, well, found in most everything we eat.

There is also a retail shop that offers a great variety of salts and packaged sampler sets that will allow you to test out different varieties of life’s most essential mineral.

I love any excuse to try new salts and Saltistry is giving me everything I need.

Check out Saltistry’s website here.


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