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For those who have been following along, we recently moved my mother and father out of their entrenchment in rural New Hampshire into a suburban one-floor living easy maintenance kind of place for the re-retired. 


Ever since the move, my mother has been asking us to go back to the old house to retrieve things.  Things like “that bowl I need to make macaroni and cheese” or asking things like “did my collection of miniature porcelain farm animals end up in the dumpster?”

On the eve of Thanksgiving, mom said “you know, I don’t have my cookie sheets and bowls I need to make Whoopie Pies.” My mom made Whoopie Pies for every holiday as long as I can remember. We assured her we could get along without them this one time.  The reality is that my mom’s Whoopie Pies are as much a traditional part of our family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas as turkey and stuffing!  Her pumpkin spice version is a classic.

Somehow we made it through Thanksgiving Whoopie-less.  Maybe it was the diversion around how we were able to serve dinner key without the “turkey platter that has been in my family for generations.” I knew we had to find some Whoopie Pies soon or Christmas would be ruined.  After a laborious research, I stumbled upon Wanna Hava Cookie, an internet purveyor of cookies and treats.

Wanna Hava Cookie: “We believe that the best treats are handmade using the best ingredients, with attention to everything from flavor to packaging. We also think everyone should have access to high quality, classic treats at an affordable price. Our cookies, bars and whoopie pies are a testament to these ideals. WannaHavaCookie’s treats are mixed by hand, baked with love, just the right size, and priced to fit any budget.”

Wanna Hava Cookie has a full line of Whoopie Pies and they look amazing.  They must taste amazing as well – it is a week before Christmas and their seasonal orders are already booked up – they have been for weeks. 

But I am totally book-marking the Wanna Hava Cookie site for the future.  But this does nothing to help save my family’s Christmas.  I guess I need find my mom’s secret recipe file and then head to the grocer to see if I can carry on the tradition without making a total mess of my kitchen.  Stay tuned.


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