I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the website of Swing Design, all I know is that I am glad I did.  The items Swing Design offers are great.  From cool travel clocks and coasters to colorful note pads, I would agree that Swing Design delivers what they promise: extraordinary home accessories.


About Swing Design: “The designers at Swing Ltd. strive to create innovative items that accentuate the beauty and honesty of raw materials such as wood, metal, leather, and glass. From home office and travel accessories to tabletop and dining, the clean designs are rich and timeless—adding style and character to everyday life. Through its two brands, Swing and Sacchi, Swing Ltd. has been creating fine home products for sixteen years.”

I love the travel clock they offer and the really classy set of classy Executive Leather Wrapped Tools.

Check out Swing Design and their extraordinary home accessories here.