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I recently stumbled upon Mayfair Lane’s website where they offer some very cool products, mostly the type of thing you would put on a refrigerator to remind you of things. You will toss the cute but not very functional magnets and say goodbye to the Post-It Notes when you see what these guys have to offer.


How Mayfair describes a trip down the Lane: “Along the way you will find our line of Happeez products—fun and stylish frames, notepads, list pads, whiteboards, and clips that grip to stainless steel refrigerators, mirrors, glass, and much more. Also, you’ll find our Mayfair Lane and Pretty Pleez lines that provide style and function to everyday life. Remember to come back and visit often, as more great items are on their way to Mayfair Lane.”

I particularly like the “Happeez” line of products that offers fun designs in a range of products from mini photo frames to journals and note pads.

Find all the great product Mayfair Lane offers here.

We have talked about how much we like tea in the past and how much we like England – so of course we love this tea set from World Market…


World Teas in a Hand Carved Box:  “World Market Exclusive! Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, so it makes sense that our search for the best discoveries would include a selection of quality, plantation-grown loose leaf tea. In a one-of-a-kind hand carved tea box with a wooden spoon, tea strainer and three of England’s favorite flavors, our World Teas make a complete grab-and-go gift for a hostess, a birthday or an affordable pick-me-up for yourself.”

See the other great product World Market offers here.

One of the more unfortunately named schools of higher learning is SCAD. SCAD being the acronym for the Savannah (GA) College of Art and Design. I am sure it is a great school turning out many fine artists.


As a fan of art and a supporter of young, emerging artists, I was thrilled to find the website for ShopSCAD, the college’s store/gallery where you can purchase some unique work by its students.

You can find a unique pillow that can transform a room.

Or fun dinnerware you can be relatively confident none of your friends will have.
And of course more tradition fine art.
Take a tour of everything ShopSCAD offers here.

cb2LogoSmallLost Cowboy wholeheartedly endorses CB2. We have been shopping there for a few years now mostly finding cool items for gifts and our own homes.

We love their catalogs, which can be found online.

See the latest CB2 catalogs here.

Visit CB2’s website here.

When I was a kid my dad had one of the early Polaroid cameras. This was the kind that did not develop before your eyes – but had layers of developing film you pulled off after waiting (and presumably shaking) for a minute or so. This was followed by a transfer process to ensure it would last for the long term.

I remember every picture taken with that camera was an event as we watched the timer. To this day, some of the prints that came out of that camera are the best pictures from that time period, the early 70’s. The quality and contrast of the pictures are much sharper than those of most pictures from that time that came from Kodak 126 or 110 films in the days when only the pro’s used 35mm.


The world of consumer photography has certainly changes a lot and often in the time since this happy memory, much of it for the better. But the demise of instant photos as a result of the digital world we live in is one more thing for old-timers like, well, I guess like me. Sure it is cool to be able to take pictures and see them right away on you camera. But it seems as a society we have gotten slack about the prints. You may have more pictures and see more on your computer, phones, and digital frames, but there is something special about opening a drawer and finding an old print you were not expecting to see.

Anyway, I am happy to report that the good folks at Fuji are back in the instant photography business. There are a bunch of mini photo printers out there – but I think that the old school instant pictures is the way to go. I think these are fun for parties and making memories for future generations.

How Fuji describes their line of instant cameras: “Attractive and accurate images are printed instantly using our integrated film and developing technology. Ideal for professional applications that require unalterable visual evidence or identification. Also great for personal enjoyment.”

Check out the Fuji instant cameras here.

The other day I was looking up an item on the internet that I had found referenced in a newspaper. The item was simple enough, a hand-forged Fruit Spoon. Yes, this is the type of thing I read about and run to the internet to explore.


Anyway, I found the spoon on the website Beekman 1802 and quickly found myself intrigued by the rest of the site. What kind of place sells hand-forged fruit spoons and goat milk soap and not much more?

This is how Beekman 1802 introduces themselves: “Too many of us are out of rhythm with the world around us. Which is why we founded Beekman 1802. Whether you have a hundred acres of land or a window box at your apartment, we can all better learn how to live naturally, seasonally, and stylishly from each other. Through our articles and blogs, we’ll share our life at the Beekman Mansion & Farm, and we hope you’ll share your best stories and tips with us as well. Welcome.”

I’m in! I enjoyed rummaging around the site to see what was there – there were gardening tips and interesting observations about farm life. However, it appears that the site is in need of a little TLC. There are broken links and whole sections that have not been updated in quite some time. Let’s home the good folks at Beekman 1802 refresh the site soon – this stuff is too good not to share. Things like this bit about “Cosmopolitan Hot Chocolate.”

For the amount of time we spend sitting, we sometimes put little thought into our chairs. A good chair can make all the difference in comfort as well as well as appearance. I have to admit that I like chairs and can often find something comfortable, attractive and inexpensive at IKEA and the like. But I have to say, there is something to be said for going a little upscale to find something of real quality.


Such are the chairs of Emeco – mostly well-crafted aluminum chairs that have that hip industrial design look. I realize these are not everyone’s taste and don’t fit every décor, but you have to admire the craftsmanship and quality.

I like the classic simplicity of the Navy Chair, described as: “Timeless. Chairs admired today and indefinitely. Chairs that span generations and cultures. Built individually by a handful of craftsmen. 77 painstaking steps at a time. The enduring Emeco Classics.”

Check out all the Emeco chair designs here.

Filed under “things we think are amazing but do not have the budget for” are antique tiles. I love tiles and think that some of the most amazing works of art from civilizations of the past are found in their tile work.


So you can imagine how excited I was to find the website of Solar Antique tiles  – a purveyor of tiles anywhere from the 16th century to reproductions. Just looking around the site at these great tiles makes you appreciate the talent and workmanship that have gone into their production over the centuries.

I particularly like the vintage “tile murals.” Check out these “18th century blue and white Portuguese tile murals, from the first half of the 18th century.” Again, only if I had all the money in the world…