The other day I was looking up an item on the internet that I had found referenced in a newspaper. The item was simple enough, a hand-forged Fruit Spoon. Yes, this is the type of thing I read about and run to the internet to explore.


Anyway, I found the spoon on the website Beekman 1802 and quickly found myself intrigued by the rest of the site. What kind of place sells hand-forged fruit spoons and goat milk soap and not much more?

This is how Beekman 1802 introduces themselves: “Too many of us are out of rhythm with the world around us. Which is why we founded Beekman 1802. Whether you have a hundred acres of land or a window box at your apartment, we can all better learn how to live naturally, seasonally, and stylishly from each other. Through our articles and blogs, we’ll share our life at the Beekman Mansion & Farm, and we hope you’ll share your best stories and tips with us as well. Welcome.”

I’m in! I enjoyed rummaging around the site to see what was there – there were gardening tips and interesting observations about farm life. However, it appears that the site is in need of a little TLC. There are broken links and whole sections that have not been updated in quite some time. Let’s home the good folks at Beekman 1802 refresh the site soon – this stuff is too good not to share. Things like this bit about “Cosmopolitan Hot Chocolate.”