A few years ago while I was recovering from a bicycle accident that left me with a fractured elbow and one side of my face sporting “road pizza” – I stumbled upon Jean Harlow month on Turner Classic Movies.


Long a fan of old movies, I realized that I never knew much about Harlow or had seen her movies. I knew the legend (“hair was Harlow gold”) and that she died young, but not much more. Well, I fell in love with Harlow as I watched just about every film she made in her unfortunately brief career.

Even 70 plus years later, Harlow ’s performances are fresh, maybe because she did not live to become a shadow of herself.  Whatever the case, she is great and deserves to be continually rediscovered by new generations.

My favorite Harlow film is “Dinner at Eight” from 1933.  Not so much a star vehicle for her, but an ensemble film where she shines.  Also great is “Bombshell” which allows Harlow to shine and play off her public personae.  But really, every film Harlow made is a treasure.  It just makes you wonder what would have become of this great star had she lived.  Or, would we pay much attention to her had we watched her grow old over the years.  Who knows.  Who cares.  She’s great!

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