You know what my Nana used to say… “You gotta love a company that sells a vegetable peelers shaped like a monkey.” Nana was right then, and she is right now. Which means I love Boston Warehouse – where you can indeed find a monkey shaped peeler – orange not less.


You will be channeling old friend Dr. Zaius when you use this thing. “There’s no monkey business in the kitchen with this ergonomically designed peeler,” Boston Warehouse says. “With a stainless steel blade, high-density plastic and textured grip, veggies are peeled with comfort and ease.”

The monkey peeler is just one of many interesting products Boston Warehouse sells. Judging from its website, it is hard to pin down exactly what Boston Warehouse niche is, but it is safe to say they are geared towards the kitchen and tableware crowd.

How Boston Warehouse describes themselves: “Pursuing his dream of starting his own business, Peter Jenkins founded Boston Warehouse in 1974. Initially the company distributed distinctive European imports to retailers in the US . Peter, who was originally from Manchester , England , selected Boston for his warehouse because of its accessibility to shipments from Europe . Then, Peter decided to try creating product in-house. The first Boston Warehouse original was a stoneware garlic cellar in 1980. It was a huge best seller and was quickly followed by a line of innovative Mexican and Chinese cooking collections that put Boston Warehouse on the map with slogans such as ‘Dining in on Chinese Takeout.’”

It’s worth taking a look at the products Boston Warehouse offers, you may find something that you didn’t know you needed.