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13m294I missed Sophie’s birthday recently. There. I said it! While groveling for her forgiveness, I stumbled across The Victorian Trading Company. I was doing a search for Victorian images on e-cards. I was pleasantly surprised to find this site and the fine items they offer.

I love this “Pie Crust Game Table” which makes me want to have a game night every night.

“This design earned its name due to the scalloped edge and was quite popular amongst our grandparent’s crowd. Barley twist pedestal , claw feet, reversible lift-off game board and four player’s drawers.”

There are a bunch a great items available on the site – and yes, the e-cards are just what I was looking for.

Send a free e-greeting card from The Victorian Trading Company.

linksI have never been one to wear jewelry – save for watches, of which I have dozens. I have often thought that it would be great to have options other than rings, earrings, neck chains and other body jewelry to wear. Then I discovered French cuffed shirts and the world of cufflinks opened up to me. Now I can accessorize like the best of them.

I was thrilled to come across the offerings of Thompson London, a purveyor of cufflinks, watches and other accessories for men. Think about the types of things that would make perfect gifts for the groomsmen in your wedding.

“Thompson London offers the discerning and style-conscious man the opportunity to select beautifully made cufflinks and accessories, at very competitive prices. Without compromising on quality materials, unique design details and the latest style trends, the brand has proved from the very beginning a commercial success.”

Visit the Thompson London website here.

Check out the cool The Royal Collection.