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atticHere is a blog you are going to love…  Atticmag!

About Atticmag:  “Atticmag is the online magazine of home design and décor and a community blog with a team of contributors who share a passion for home design, kitchens, bathrooms, interior decorating, antique furniture and rugs, collectibles, auctions, and shopping for high-quality home products.”

We found Atticmag from follow the link to this awesome posting about “Vintage Collection Staging Strategies” – very cool!

Check out Atticmag here.

royalfamWhen we were cleaning out the barn at my parents’ house, we found hundreds of jigsaw puzzles that my mother had collected through the years. My mom quite often had a puzzle going on a card table in a corner of the house when I was growing up. I was the cheeky one who always hid a piece so I would have the glory of placing the final piece.

In recent years I have rediscovered the lost charm of making a good puzzle. A couple of winters ago I spent most of my free time making puzzles and I really enjoyed it.

Recently, I discovered the Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company, a British company that makes old-school wooden jigsaw puzzles – and they are very cool.

About The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company: “The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company has been producing exquisitely crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles since it was founded in 1994 by Kevin Wentworth Preston. Using computer controlled lasers and state of the art technology, Wentworth has become known for its quality and design, and supplies in excess of 150,000 puzzles a year in over 35 countries around the world.”

The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company offers all sorts of puzzles in various shapes, sizes and levels of difficulty – truly something for everyone.

I like this one depicting a painting of The Royal Family in 1846.

Check out the Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company here.

We don’t know much about art and design – we just know what we like. But we can also appreciate those who have an eye for these things and create a place to help us all make sense of it all. This is the case with Velocity Art and Design founded by John Tusher in 1999. I loved poking around the Velocity Art and Design website and would love to visit the store in Seattle .ca_dalek_spacemonkey[1]-01

About Velocity Art and Design: “Velocity Art and Design believes that the positive influence of art and design extends beyond shelter and encapsulates an entire style of life. We are optimistic about the impact this belief can have in both the present and the future. We strive to do the right thing in every opportunity. By partnering with designers and suppliers who support these beliefs, we are further able to provide enriching experiences and inspiring products to our customers.”

There are so many great items collected here – everything you may need for “modern living” from art work, bedding, furniture, and toys to pet supplies and watches.

You have to love a place that offers this Space Monkey by Cerealart. The Space Monkey Figure is available in grey, blue and pink and even comes with an “extra accessory eyeball that fits into stomach hole, or the hole in the back of the head.” Very cool!

Take a peak around the Velocity Art and Design site – it may not be all to your taste, but I think you will appreciate the idea behind it and support the effort to bring a collection of products together that “encapsulates an entire style of life.”

zipitZippers are cool, plain and simple. Velcro has its uses and you know how we feel about buttons here at Lost Cowboy. But it is a simple truth that zippers are cool.

So take the love of zippers and combine it with a love of messenger bags and you can imagine the thrill of discovering the bags of Zip It.

Zip It says: “We see our bags as our messengers, carrying more than lipstick and the secrets of our customers. They are the embodiment of human creativity. We wish our bags to ignite inspiration and tickle people’s minds into new perceptions”

We particular like this cool Zip It Student Messenger bag.

See all the cool products offered by Zip It here.

AH-ORIGINAL-SMLWhen I was a kid I used to be excited whenever my mother said it was “Chinese Night” for dinner – because that meant one thing… AhSo sauce! AhSo is this sticky, red sauce you would slather on chicken or pork to add an Asian zing to it.

Chinese night usually meant chicken breast with AhSo, which were great because the sauce caused the skin to get extra crispy when baked or grilled. But the classic was AhSo on pork chops – mostly because the red sauce made the pork look like the pork ribs or pork strips you would find in a Chinese restaurant.

I had not thought about AhSo in many years when I stumbled across an empty AhSo jar full on notions while cleaning out my parents’ house in New Hampshire . The funny thing is that the jar did not have a label on it – but as soon as I saw it I know what it was – and then the lid confirmed it – it was indeed a remnant of all those Chinese dinners years ago.

I was curious to know if the sauce was still available – so I hit the web to check it out. Indeed AhSo is still made and available for sale from Allied Old English.

About AhSo: “The legendary sauce that started it all, AhSo Original BBQ has become a staple in pantries across the northeast. Popular both at home and in restaurants, our unique recipe is the key to making those distinctive, red-glaze spareribs served throughout New England .”

Yum! Now I have a craving for this and the “fried rice” my mom used to make from Minute rice.

untitledFOUND: The “eco-friendly” (and fun) finds at Bedol What’s Next

…like this water powered alarm clock.

The Bedol Water Alarm Clock.

Runs only on Water, no lemon or additives necessary!

Scientific breakthrough, the new Bedol Water Clock has an alarm!


Visit Bedol What’s Next here.

LC2AThe recent post about our Farmers’ Market dinner (from the Provincetown, MA market) has spark a lot of interest.  This make me very happy of course.  I myself was inspired to visit another market in search of another dinner and found two perfect zucchinis to make stuffed zucchini.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that in addition to the fabulous olive oil and ultra fresh goat cheese we purchased for that famous dinner – the bread we used was just perfect.  The bread came from The Danish Pastry House, a Boston-area bakery that sets up at farmers’ market throughout the area.  The bread was great as was the dessert tart we bought.

About The Danish Pastry House: “The Danish Pastry House creates world-class pastries, breads, and delicacies for discerning customers throughout Boston . We offer you the very best local and imported foods, and organically grown and fair traded coffee and teas. Our bakers work through the night to bring you the freshest breads and pastries 7 days a week.”

Visit The Danish Pastry House here.

sonfloorplan“It’s going to leave a ring!” I can still hear my mother yell every time I put my milk glass down when I was a kid.

So it is no wonder why I have an obsession with all things coaster.

I have at least 10 sets of coasters in my house and want more. When I do decide to buy more I am heading strait for the Fish Eddy website where they have some really cool coaster designs.

I particularly like these “floor plan” design coasters.

bc8351637547f98fb0c64eeb3cfe7188_image_120x120I love mustard – especially the dark spicy kind.  Mustard is the perfect addition to a sandwich.  A turkey sandwich with a nice spicy mustard is my idea of the perfect lunch.  A fine mustard can elevate a boring to sandwich to a gourmet meal.

So you can imagine how happy I was to find the products of Wild Mountain Gourmet – a purveyor of gourmet condiments.  I particularly like the idea of the “Apple & Pumpkin Mustard” which sounds like the perfect compliment to an autumn meal:  “Our Apple & Pumpkin Mustard combines juicy fresh apples, fresh mustard seed and pumpkin, which is rich in vitamin A and high in fiber to create a wonderful texture and flavor. Besides making a great dipping mustard, this product also compliments pork and chicken well.”

About Wild Mountain: “Wild Mountain Gourmet provides the highest quality all natural products that will enhance the flavor and goodness of every table it touches. Our vision is to bring families back to the dinner table for good wholesome meals and table talk. Our goal is to have all Wild Mountain Gourmet products arrive at your home with exceptional care and quality. All of our products are made with all natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives, and come from our own recipes!”

Shop Wild Mountain Gourmet here.

More about our recent mini-vacation to Cape Cod…

fm1While we were strolling up and down Commercial Street – the main thoroughfare through the hip charming seaside village of Provincetown , MA – we spotted signs for a farmers’ market. We just had to stop and check it out – as both Sophie and I love the whole idea of farmers’ markets.

We strolled through the small market checking out the fresh veggies and other products for sale. We had been discussing what to do for dinner on what was to be our last night together. We had reservations for a restaurant but also had just finished a big relatively light lunch.

So there we were in the midst of the bustling market discussing our options.  One of us suggested that we try to find something to make for dinner at the market.  We turned to our companion Wayne to seen how much money we had left in the “kitty.”  We had decided at the start of the trip that each of us would pay into a common kitty and all our joint meals and activities would come out of that.  Wayne reported that we had about $14 left.  So we thought it would be fun to see what kind of meal we could put together without breaking the bank.

fm2We didn’t realize that we were making a little bit of a scene in the crowded confines of the market.  But it turns out one of the vendors overheard us and called us over.  The vendor was selling a collection of high-end olive oils and other products and offered us his suggestion for what we should do:

  • Buy some fresh goat cheese (which he sold)
  • Purchase a loaf of French bread from the baked goods vendor in the next booth
  • Find a large just ripened tomato and some basil from one of the farmers

The plan he laid out was to take the bread, cut it lengthwise, spread the cheese – the whole container – on the bread, slice the tomato an lay the slices on the bread over the cheese, sprinkle with the basil and then – to top it off:

  • drizzle one of the fine olive oils over it – and that would be a perfect late summer meal.

The four of us looked at each other and said “let’s do it!”

We tasted the various oils and picked one and then went about purchasing all of the items.

I spotted the group the cost of the olive oil – as it was well over our budget.  But we put the $14 to good use buying the other items and a fresh baked tart for dessert.  After that we still had 67 cents in the kitty.

More than anything, we were excited about what we were doing and looked at it as a little adventure.  We drove back to the house – treating the fresh goat cheese like a delicate flower and savoring the lovely smell of the basil.  After walking down to the harbor for drinks and to watched the sunset, we went back to the house to assemble our dinner.

We did exactly what the olive oil man told us to do – and I am here to report the result was SUPERB!  The best meal we had on this trip

The “olive oil” man turns out to be Tony from Olio Di Melli, who was so nice to us and said he had so much fun with us.  We owe Tony a huge thanks for his fine products and dinner suggestion.

LC3AAbout Olio Di Melli: “Olio Di Melli, LLC. is a small company, committed to finding the best specialty foods from Italy . They are unique because they personally take the time and trouble to go to the sources. Their size enables us to maintain control over the quality of their imports. Tony and Rosemary seek out and get to know the producers, and in time, build a relationship with them. They are usually family farms or family run businesses. Then Tony and Rosemary taste their foods, and select them only if they are truly delicious and meet their criteria for best among similar items. They also observe production techniques, so they can assure quality, purity, and when applicable, organic certification. Each year in the autumn, before and during the harvest, they visit each of the farms. They must be satisfied as to the continued quality and taste of each food they have selected.”

See the Olive oils and other products offered by Olio di Melli here.