The other day I told you about stopping at Titcombs Bookshop in Sandwich, MA on our way to Wellfleet last month.  Well, while I was making my way to the counter to make my purchases, I smelled the most lovely scent ever.  I asked my friend what it was and he seemed to think it was the perfume of another customer.  The sales person overheard us and pointed to some soap for sale on the counter, saying that it was probably what I was smelling.LJ1A

She was right.  I checked out the soaps and they all smelled great.  The were all handmade soaps by Summer House Natural Soaps, a local Cape Cod company.  I was not going to purchase any, despite the joy they were bring me, until I noticed the package for the “Good Dog” soap for dogs.  I found it terribly charming and it, like all the soap, smelled great.

About “Good Dog” soap by Summer House Natural Soaps: “This handmade shampoo bar contains natural botanical oils and conditioners that will relieve itching and leave your dog’s coat silky and sweet. Contains oatmeal, and lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils. Not recommended for cats.”

I knew I needed to buy this Good Dog soap as a little “thank you” gift for Sophie, who I knew would love the packaging and enjoys keeping her three little Yorkies smelling great. 

About Summer House Natural Soaps: “Summer House Natural Soaps is a family business rooted in our 200-year-old house and barn on beautiful Cape Cod. It’s a great place to raise flowers, herbs, chickens, children, and of course, to make soap. We draw our inspiration and some of our fresh ingredients from our own gardens, the surrounding pine forests and cranberry bogs, and the sea coast just a few steps away.”

Postscript: I made the gift of the soap to Sophie, who took it with her back to the UK where she and her mysterious husband, Gavin, bathed the dogs and reported that they never looked or smelled better.