IMG_8387Our friend Sophie, who is our blog’s best friend, is a big fan of blogs in general. From time to time Soph passes along links to blogs she thinks we might enjoy.

A recent example is The Retro Road MAP, a really cool blog that maps out the location of “retro” sites around the country.

About Retro RoadMAP: “Ever since I got my drivers license I have loved discovering places from the past and photographing them. I also love looking at other people’s photos of cool old places and signs. But it can be difficult to find out where these cool old places are, or if they’re around something else cool. That is why I created the Retro RoadMAP, to go along with each entry on the Retro Roadmap website, so you can find out how easy it is to get to these retro and vintage places!

The Retro Road MAP makes me want to jump into the “way back” of the Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon my family had in the 70’s and hit the road.