When Sophie and I visited Brimfield in May, I fell in love with the items offered by dealers we subsequently found out were known as “Added Oomph” out of High Point , NC .

dukeThese guys had some great items, mostly larger scale architectural items, but what I fell in love with were a few authentic British pub signs.

You know the kind, the big signs that hang outside of the pubs usually a painted portrait of a colorful scene or person depicting the pub’s name. Like “The Slaughtered Calf” or “The Prince of Tides.”

In any case, I really wanted one, but talked myself out of it. When we returned to Brimfield in September, I was hoping to see Added Oomph again, even if it was just to look at the offerings. But sadly, they were not there, at least not on the day we were.

But Sophie, who is known as a packrat if not a hoarder, saved the business card we received back in May and was able to send me a link to the Added Oomph website where I feel in love with the pub signs all over again.

While touring around the Added Oomph website I have to say I love their vibe and the types of things they offer. Their shop looks great too.

How about a road trip to North Carolina to pick up the Duke of Cambridge?