poloYou know how much the Lost Cowboy loves the lost art of letter sending and everything that goes along with it like cards, stationary and the like. However, it seems that it is getting more and more difficult to excite people about sending good old fashion mail.

A few months ago I featured a message in a bottle mailer, and now I am please to share the fun retro Polaroid Postcards from Polaposts.

About Polaroid Postcards from Polaposts: “Polaposts turn regular photos into mailable Polaroid prints by fitting them fashionably snug inside an iconic white bordered sleeve. A built-in seal keeps your print from slipping out and a writable backside makes for easy message scribbling. Just snip your photos to fit, slip ’em inside then send them on their way. Instant happy!”

This is just one of the many fine products sold at the Photojojo store which also offers a really cool bottle cap tripod and an awesome strap/mount to turn add a camera to your bike helmet.

Check out the store here.