LC2AThe recent post about our Farmers’ Market dinner (from the Provincetown, MA market) has spark a lot of interest.  This make me very happy of course.  I myself was inspired to visit another market in search of another dinner and found two perfect zucchinis to make stuffed zucchini.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that in addition to the fabulous olive oil and ultra fresh goat cheese we purchased for that famous dinner – the bread we used was just perfect.  The bread came from The Danish Pastry House, a Boston-area bakery that sets up at farmers’ market throughout the area.  The bread was great as was the dessert tart we bought.

About The Danish Pastry House: “The Danish Pastry House creates world-class pastries, breads, and delicacies for discerning customers throughout Boston . We offer you the very best local and imported foods, and organically grown and fair traded coffee and teas. Our bakers work through the night to bring you the freshest breads and pastries 7 days a week.”

Visit The Danish Pastry House here.