AH-ORIGINAL-SMLWhen I was a kid I used to be excited whenever my mother said it was “Chinese Night” for dinner – because that meant one thing… AhSo sauce! AhSo is this sticky, red sauce you would slather on chicken or pork to add an Asian zing to it.

Chinese night usually meant chicken breast with AhSo, which were great because the sauce caused the skin to get extra crispy when baked or grilled. But the classic was AhSo on pork chops – mostly because the red sauce made the pork look like the pork ribs or pork strips you would find in a Chinese restaurant.

I had not thought about AhSo in many years when I stumbled across an empty AhSo jar full on notions while cleaning out my parents’ house in New Hampshire . The funny thing is that the jar did not have a label on it – but as soon as I saw it I know what it was – and then the lid confirmed it – it was indeed a remnant of all those Chinese dinners years ago.

I was curious to know if the sauce was still available – so I hit the web to check it out. Indeed AhSo is still made and available for sale from Allied Old English.

About AhSo: “The legendary sauce that started it all, AhSo Original BBQ has become a staple in pantries across the northeast. Popular both at home and in restaurants, our unique recipe is the key to making those distinctive, red-glaze spareribs served throughout New England .”

Yum! Now I have a craving for this and the “fried rice” my mom used to make from Minute rice.