We don’t know much about art and design – we just know what we like. But we can also appreciate those who have an eye for these things and create a place to help us all make sense of it all. This is the case with Velocity Art and Design founded by John Tusher in 1999. I loved poking around the Velocity Art and Design website and would love to visit the store in Seattle .ca_dalek_spacemonkey[1]-01

About Velocity Art and Design: “Velocity Art and Design believes that the positive influence of art and design extends beyond shelter and encapsulates an entire style of life. We are optimistic about the impact this belief can have in both the present and the future. We strive to do the right thing in every opportunity. By partnering with designers and suppliers who support these beliefs, we are further able to provide enriching experiences and inspiring products to our customers.”

There are so many great items collected here – everything you may need for “modern living” from art work, bedding, furniture, and toys to pet supplies and watches.

You have to love a place that offers this Space Monkey by Cerealart. The Space Monkey Figure is available in grey, blue and pink and even comes with an “extra accessory eyeball that fits into stomach hole, or the hole in the back of the head.” Very cool!

Take a peak around the Velocity Art and Design site – it may not be all to your taste, but I think you will appreciate the idea behind it and support the effort to bring a collection of products together that “encapsulates an entire style of life.”