catcowI am generally not a fan of dressing pets up in costumes. Most of the time I find that the animals are uncomfortable and/or embarrassed as a result. However, I know that my parents’ dog Lady, the most precious puppy that ever roamed the face of the earth, used to love wearing fancy holiday-themed bandanas and the occasional t-shirt.

It is inevitable that in the days leading up to Halloween you start to see people forcing their dogs into costumes. But I had never thought about dressing up cats. I have two cats, who as fate would have it were born on Halloween in 2000, and I would never think about dressing them up.

However, I came across this cowboy costume designed for cats – it caught my eye for a few reasons. First, I was surprised there was actually a cowboy costume made for cats. Second, I was amazed that any cat would stand for it. Finally, I am convinced the picture of the cat in the costume was doctored.

I love the way the costume is described on the PetsMart website: “Yee-haw! This Cowboy Costume from Pet Halloween is sure to kick up some dust!” I am sure if I tried to put my precious little angles in this costume more than dust would be kicked.

But you have to love the little cowboy hat.

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