walrusOk, this may not be technically a Halloween item, but it is a mask and it could be a costume if you really wanted it to be: the Walrus Ski Mask from Urban Outfitters.

I just laughed when I saw this mask – I love it – and I love how the Walrus Ski Mask is described on in the Urban Outfitters catalog: “Soft knit acrylic ski mask, complete with eye and mouth cutouts, a pom at the top and walrus face detailing (And before anyone asks, some walruses totally wear glasses, ok? Don’t judge.)”

I have to admit that the idea of wearing a ski mask as a costume brought me back to some of the Halloweens of my youth – especially the ones in New Hampshire where it has been known to snow in October. It used to upset me so much when – after spending weeks perfecting my costume – my mother would make me wear a snorkel coat over my costume because it was so cold.

Ah, those precious childhood memories.

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