babyjThe scariest movie I ever saw was this cheesy 70’s horror flick call “Burnt Offerings” – kind of haunted house psychological drama that still creeps me out to this day just thinking about it. I can still recall images from the movie and cringe.

I also remember watching the TV mini-series based on Stephen King’s book “Salem ’s Lot ” and being really scared. I think were I to see it today I would laugh at it – but at the time it was pretty creepy especially for TV. And there was the “Exorcist” – the first movie I remember ever seeing on HBO and, well, it’s a cliché but I was scared silly.

Like many people, I think of scary movies at Halloween. I am really not a fan of the slasher films that people have come to think of as the modern horror film, nor am I a fan of monster movies per se. I am one of those that like the atmospheric slow burn of a horror film.

In recent years I thought “The Others” with Nichole Kidman was pretty creepy. But I have to say my all time favorite is “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” I love everything about this film from its crisp black and white cinematography to the iconic late career turns by its two stars, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Although much more of a psychological study than horror film, Baby Jane is scary in many ways as it shows the sadness that comes from a life of mental illness and betrayal. It is just so good. And Bette Davis, who had already had an amazing career, is brilliant in this role where she really gave it her all.

So, yeah, I think I just decided, I am going to make myself a tray of pork chops and watch “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” as my Halloween treat this year.

Amazon has a nice 2-disc special edition DVD of Baby Jane on sale for just $14.49.