toyzOne of the best finds while cleaning out my parents’ barn were the boxes and boxes of toys and games collected through the years.  Many of the toys were in pieces – there was a box full of Johnny West arms, Barbie heads and the like.  Basically these boxes contain the artifacts of childhoods of the latter half of the 20th century.

I am in the process of sorting through the bits and pieces and every now and then I find something of interest that sends me running to research on the internet.  That is how I came across the website of Serious Toyz, a vintage toy auction house.

It is fun poking around Serious Toyz to see what some of the collectibles are selling for these days.  Just try not to be sad when you see something your mother threw away that is now selling for more than one of your mortgage payments.

About Serious Toyz:  “Serious Toyz is an established and reputable dealer of quality vintage toys and collectibles. (Truth is, we are collectors, just like you, who have turned our passion for old toys into a business.) Since 1995, we have sold thousands of items to discriminating collectors worldwide. Watch for our ads in major toy collecting publications such as “Toy Shop”, “Antique Toy World”, “Toy Cars and Models”, “Comic Buyers Guide”, “Collecting Toys”, “Goldmine”, “Record Collector”, “Antique & Arts”, “Beatleology”, “Playset Magazine” and other publications and price guides. We have earned a string of Toy Shop Magazine “Customer Service” awards for ethics and good business practices, and have been repeatedly named as “one of the leading Toy Auction Houses in the US” by several industry publications.”

Check out Serious Toyz’s online store here.