earth-walkers-1We have featured items about pets in the past. We at Lost Cowboy are inspired by our furry friends past and present. I have often spoken about my parents’ beloved Lady, the most precious puppy that ever walked the face of the earth. And of course there are Sophie and Gavin’s adorable, mischievous yet playful Yorkies (three of them – hear no evil, see no evil and just plain evil).

Anyway, I love products for dogs and art and such that features dogs. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across the website cum blog Dog Milk – dedicated to featuring all sort of design-orient products for dogs.

About Dog Milk: “Dog Milk is a website dedicated to modern dog design, inspired by Jaime (Derringer)’s love for her two modern pets, Lulu and Beans . She felt that there needed to be a place where modern dog lovers can discover new products and sniff out what’s beyond the chain pet stores. Whether an innovative pet feeder, cool dog tee, or modern dog bed, Dog Milk strives to bring you the most cutting edge and modern design for your very best friend.”

Poke around, if you are a dog lover (read: if you have a soul) you will enjoy this site and seeing all of the fun stuff highlighted. I particularly like this recent post about Earth Walker’s line of “basic cowls for dogs.”

Check out Dog Milk here.