pearThe other day Sophie and I were chatting and the topic of Napa Valley came up – how we got on the subject is a long story, something about flying in a hot air balloon over Napa being on my elderly mother’s “bucket list.”  Anyway, Sophie and I agreed that a trip touring Napa would be a ton of fun.

Sophie pointed out that I don’t like wine and a trip to wine country would be wasted on me.  But I countered that I love the whole idea of the region and thought there would be plenty to excite me.  A place like A Perfect Pear is exactly the type of place that captures my attention.

A Perfect Pear is a Napa area-based purveyor of pear-based products from jams and marinades to Mustards & Tapenades.  And I have to tell you all of their products look and sound amazing.  And as a supporter of people following their passion, I love the back story…

About the founder of  A Perfect Pear: “When Susan Knapp decided to try country life, she moved to a mountaintop in Lake County, California, north of Napa Valley. There, walnut trees and pear orchards surrounded Knapp and her prolific garden. There she fell in love… with pears.  From her neighbor’s pear orchard, the gourmet cook indulged in her new passion. She created Cinnamon Pear Jelly, which earned top prizes at county and state fairs. After four years in the country she moved to Danville in the San Francisco Bay Area but she made the drive back to Lake County every year at harvest time to pick up several hundred pounds of Bartlett Pears. Susan would then make her prized jelly and give it to her co-workers at Christmas time each year.”

The Pear Fig Jam sounds delightful:  “Use for appetizers with goat cheese on a toasted crostini, in tarts or baked goods. Made with organic pears, organic figs, organic sugar.”

When Sophie is off at all those wine tastings – I have no problem taking in some pear tasting!

Check out A Perfect Pear from Napa Valley here.