miasMy recent collision with extremely wonderful olive oil sent me on the search for more. I have always enjoyed olive oil, but until I came across the really good stuff I had no idea what I was missing.

I was told that like wine, there are good vintages and not so good – and of course the flavor and textures can change based on the quality of the olives and the region they come from.

Also like wine, California has come to be a premier venue for the growth of olives and the production of olive oil. In looking into the olive oils of California , Sonoma in particular, I came across Mia’s Kitchen.

Mia’s Kitchen is the business of Mia Sebastiani, of California wine’s noted Sebastiani family. Based in Sonoma , Mia’s Kitchen offers Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as complimentary products like Balsamic Reduction Sauce and Wine Reduction sauces.

About Mia’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil: “Only the finest California-grown olives are used to create this exquisite, flavorful oil, which is a perfect accompaniment to our balsamic reduction sauces. Whisk with a smidgeon of Dijon mustard and one of our Mia’s Kitchen Wine Reduction Sauces for a quick and tasty salad dressing. Pour a liberal amount onto a plate and add Mia’s Kitchen Balsamic Reduction Sauce and you’ve got an instant dipping sauce for a crusty loaf of bread.”

You can see all the products Mia’s Kitchen offer – along with extremely tempting recipes – on the Mia’s Kitchen website. We have a made a note to try the Cranberry Pork Tenderloin recipe which makes use of the Mia’s Kitchen Cabernet Reduction Sauce – sound like a perfect meal for the upcoming holidays.