moonshine1I will admit that when I wrote about Tuthilltown Spirits’ Hudson Four Grain bourbon recently, the thought crossed my mind that I thought that bourbon could only be made in Kentucky.  After all, all the bourbons I ever had had come from there.

But apparently the Federal code – the Feds regulate such things – states:

“Bourbon whisky”, “rye whisky”, “wheat whisky”, “malt whisky”, or “rye malt whisky” is whisky produced at not exceeding 160 proof from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent corn, rye, wheat, malted barley, or malted rye grain, respectively, and stored at not more than 125 proof in charred new oak containers; and also includes mixtures of such whiskies of the same type.

It has nothing to do with location, as like Champagne for example.  So I guess we are all free to make bourbon wherever we are.

After the Tuthilltown posting, I was turned on to another New York State maker bourbon – this one in New York City no less: Kings County Distillery.  Kings County Distillery  calls themselves, quite cheekily, “New York City’s oldest operating whiskey distillery” as it has only been licensed since April 14, 2010.

Kings County Distillery is the first licensed maker of whiskey, bourbon, and moonshine in New York City proper since prohibition.  Very cool. 

I will be tracking down some of this Kings County bourbon, but it may be a while since they are so new.  It seems the moonshine is the first product to market.