firstcolteaWith winter well underway I have been making tea more and more. Over the holidays I received many kudos for a peppermint tea I served and I am always looking for nice tea blends for myself and guests.

I was recently turned on to First Colony Coffee and Tea, a purveyor of fine teas and coffees. I love tea, and most often purchase it in bags at the grocery store. But I really do like the whole loose tea thing – it is just so much more authentic. I was very pleased to see that First Colony sold a nice variety of loose teas in addition to bags.

First Colony’s take on loose tea: “Think outside the bag. What makes loose tea so special? The whole or large pieces of leaves found in loose tea retain more elements and essential oils, producing a delightful taste and aroma. Loose tea also allows for good water circulation around the leaves, encouraging the proper flavor infusion. Try exquisite teas from a company with more than 100 years of experience in blending and creating some of the finest teas in the world.”

I just put an order in for a one pound bag of French Vanilla tea.

Pass the scones!