mezzI promise to get off my Napa Valley kick soon – but I am finding so many cool products coming out of the general area and none of them are wine.

My latest finds are the pasta sauces of Mezzetta of Napa Valley California. Mezzetta “use only Napa Valley wines from neighboring wineries.” They take advantage of their location in Napa Valley for cooking wine into their sauces along with fresh ingredient grown locally.

About Napa Valley Bistro Pasta Sauces: “Napa Valley Bistro Sauces always start with the purest and freshest ingredients available. Made in the traditional Italian way, wine is added to enhance flavor and richness. Slow cooked in small batches, only the highest quality ingredients are used, such as the finest plum tomatoes, whether imported or grown in our own backyard in Northern California . We use locally grown herbs, imported Italian olive oil and natural sea salt. When you start with the best ingredients, naturally, you end up with the best sauce. You can taste the difference!”

Pasta sauces may be a dime a dozen these days, but you can really taste the difference when it is made with great ingredients by people who know what they are doing.

See the Mezzetta pasta sauces here.

See more about Mezzetta here.