FB5A friend recently sent me a link to a website featuring library-inspired products – things like bookends that look like books and lamp bases that look like a stack of books.  I think my friend was having fun with me as I am a well-known book fan and spent my four years of college shelving books in the country’s largest private library system (but that is a story for another time).

Anyway, the site I was sent is the home of Richard E. Bishop of Norristown, PA.  I enjoyed looking at the library collection, but it was the site’s other section that really caught my eye – a section labeled “men’s gifts.”

Richard E. Bishop’s men’s gift section features mostly barware with signature images like water fowl, ships and horses – specifically the famous Seabiscuit.  This stuff is cool – shot glasses hidden in a fake book, decanter sets and everything you need to make your next men’s poker night extra special.

I particularly liked the line featuring the Snooty Fox“TALLY-HO! All decked out in his finest riding habit, from shiny boots to his beaver top hat, only this time it’s the ‘Snooty Fox,’ not the master of the hounds. Whimsical and handsome all at the same time.”

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