rd1Lost Cowboy’s hankering for a good bourbon is well known. However, it is mote about taste than anything else and most certainly not about smell. Although I live to sniff a nice glass of bourbon before taking a sip.

Anyway, I was intrigue by a recent find… I was looking around the website of Rare Device, a San Francisco- based shop and I spotted “Whiskey Natural Aftershave Splash” and was very interested in find out more.

Whiskey Natural Aftershave Splash is described: “Not a scent for every man — this is a powerfully masculine scent that if a young Marlon Brando were to wear a Portland General Store scent, it would be this one. Elegance, strength, and charisma describe the fragrance of this aftershave. A deep woodsy and amber fragrance with a surprising hint of spice and floral complexity that reveals itself over the hours. The result is a masculine scent with the magnetism of a Hollywood star.”

I will have to explore this more, but I really like the packaging and it just may be a great gift for that certain someone in your life. However, I am not sure quite yet, we have all been in a elevator with someone who smelled like they “drank their lunch” and I am not sure we want to join that club.

See this and other cool things at Rare Device.