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We at Lost Cowboy do like to cook, but we are far from foodies (despite our penchant for fine artesian food product often highlighted here). When we do cook, we use an odd collection of pots and pans collected through the years.  They are not pretty, but they get the job done.

But we may be replacing some of our pots and pans very soon as we discovered the great site, – which offers all manner or cooking tools at great prices.  We are particularly fond of the sale page, where you can find some nice deals.

Find the sale page here.

a.8This is quite possibly the coolest home décor product we have found… Tempaper!  Temporary wallpaper!  This is what we have been looking for all of our lives that we didn’t know we were waiting for…

Seriously.  We get bored so quickly and a paint job to change a room is a huge pain – but the idea of temporary wall décor is just, well, perfect!

About Tempaper“Tempaper is a vinyl coated self adhesive wall decor. Our printing process incorporates the traditional technique of gravure or intaglio copper plate engraving with state of the art materials to bring a classic look and feel to the finished product. We are proud to support this artisan method of producing wallpaper that has been used since the latter part of the 19th century.”

There are some really great patterns available from Tempaper, but we particular like the playful prints aimed at the kids’ room.

See all the Tempaper designs in their online store.

a.7We at Lost Cowboy love design – all kinds of design – high rent, low rent, and everything in between.  We also love time pieces – clocks and watches, etc.  So while trolling our favorite design websites, we came across the clock page of Hive Modern, a Portland, Oregon-based purveyor of cool stuff.

Unfortunately, the clocks on Hive are definitely high rent, and a little over our pay grade, but we love looking at them and everything else Hive has to offer.

About Hive Modern: “Hive was founded in 2002 with the idea that Good Design can and should be presented in an inspired, knowledgeable and friendly manner. From humble beginnings fueled primarily on inspiration, hive has grown to inhabit its own free-standing building in the Pearl District, Portland’s most upscale urban neighborhood. We are proud to be an authorized retailer for Alessi, Artemide, Artifort, Carl Hansen, Cassina, Flos, Kartell, Knoll & Vitra to name just a few. hive has been noted in national magazines such as Dwell, Index, In Style, Lucky and Western Interiors magazines.”

In addition to the clocks, Hive has a great collection of furniture, lighting and other accessories.

Check out the clocks of Hive Modern here.

See everything Hive Modern has to offer here.

a.3Lost Cowboy fans know that one of our favorite retailers these days is CB2. They have so many fresh and cool products that have an old-school flavor with a modern sensibility.

But CB2 has really gotten our attention now with their new catalog featuring “vintage-inspired” bikes on the cover.  We love anything that has the word vintage in it and we love bikes.  And add references to Amsterdam, one of our favorite travel destinations, and we are there.

About the “Abuelo“ bikes now available from CB2“Let’s go Dutch. Step on the pedal with our very first city bike developed in tandem with the spokes folks at Republic Bike. Retro abuelo (grandfather) does a mod spin on the classic Dutch opafiets (grandpa’s bikes) with grey gloss hi-ten steel step-over frame and fenders, upright commuter handlebars with red stitched grips, red classic button saddle seat, Kenda custom yellow balloon tires (CB2 exclusive color) with alloy rims and amber reflectors, mudguard fenders, rear carrier, kickstand, even a retro red bell.”

These things are just so cool.  There is nothing like a good touring bike to run to the market on, and this bike is just so cool. 

See the Abuelo bikes now available from CB2 here.

Visit all CB2 has to offer here.

a.2Spring has sprung and I have been lining up all my pots and commandeered receptacles for my big container garden.  While cruising around looking for ways to add some color to my garden, I discovered the shop of The New York Botanical Garden.

The New York Botanical Garden shop has many great pots that would add some nice color to almost any décor.  I like the Large Round Glazed Pots that come in great colors – think the Fiestaware pallet.  These pots are “large glazed ceramic pot, imprinted with The New York Botanical Garden logo.”

As a bonus, if you make a purchase on the New York Botanical Garden shop website, you will be helping support the good work of the nonprofit organization.

About The New York Botanical Garden“The New York Botanical Garden is a museum of plants, an educational institution, and a scientific research organization open to the public and dedicated to better understanding and preserving our natural world. Support for the Garden is more important than ever. Help us continue to care for our 250-acre National Historic Landmark site, offer horticulture programs and plant science education for students of all ages, and conduct research that has far-reaching effects on our global community.”

Visit The New York Botanical Garden shop here.

Learn more about The New York Botanical Garden here.

a.4There are a gazillion blogs out there.  I’ll be honest, the vast majority are not very interesting (ahem) and just fade into the sphere.  But every now and then we stumble on to one that fit’s the Lost Cowboy sensibility perfectly.  Such is the case with the Collection a Day blog that Sophie passed along recently.

This is great!  The Collection a Day project is the work of San Francisco artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon.  As she describes the site: “This is a blog documenting a project that will span exactly one year, from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. On each of those 365 days, I will photograph or draw (and occasionally paint) one collection. Most of the collections are real and exist in my home or studio; those I will photograph. Some are imagined; those I will draw or (occasionally) paint. Since I was a young girl, I have been obsessed both with collecting and with arranging, organizing and displaying my collections. This is my attempt to document my collections, both the real and the imagined.”

The result was a quirky, cool and just plain remarkable blog that is fun to look through.  Looking around the Lost Cowboy office, we think we could do something similar, but it take a certain aesthetic, talent and discipline to pull off what Ms. Congdon has down and we salute her.

Find the original 2010 Collection a Day blog here.

See the book the Collection a Day blog inspired and other products related to the project here.

a.5This summer, when I start my new adventure as a fading urban hipster who moves to a rural homestead, I plan on having a big vegetable garden.  I have told you about my container gardens in the past, which have been successful on a small scale, but I am very excited to have more space and a real yard to have a proper garden.  I can’t wait.

One of things I want to do is preserve some of what I grow to enjoy all winter.  So I would like to learn about pickling and canning.  With my well-established appreciation of artesian condiments, I am inspired by Rick’s Picks, a Manhattan-based (believe it or not) purveyor of “fourteen varieties of shelf-stable pickles.” All of the pickles Rick makes “are hand-packed and all natural, made in season with produce from local farmers. They bring innovation to a category that hasn’t seen much change in a long time.”

In addition to the cumber variety of pickles, Rick makes other similar products.  I like the sound of Rick’s Handy Corn Relish“Sweet corn is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. With this versatile condiment we call Handy Corn we’ve preserved that pleasure and enhanced it with the delicate heat of fresh aji dolce peppers. Handy Corn tastes great as a relish, a salsa, or with sharp cheddar on crackers or crostini.”

I love the idea of products like these, small batches only available from the manufacturer or in a few retailers.

See all of Rick’s Picks offerings here.

FB13What is de Vera“Established in San Francisco in 1991 by Federico de Vera as a creative undertaking in lifestyle, de Vera has come to symbolize a singular point of view in the beauty of objects as well as display. Curiosity of the natural world, passion for collecting and presentation, and desire to evolve has resulted in the opening of two New York City locations in 2003 and 2010.”

The de Vera galleries “show a finely curated selection including Venetian glass, Japanese lacquer, ivory carvings, 18th century religious figures and antique jewelry. Another unique focus is de Vera jewelry incorporating rare antique elements such as Roman intaglios and Georgian brooches, with precious gemstones including rose-cut diamonds, baroque pearls and Sardinian coral.”

As much as I would like to visit one of these galleries on my next trip to New York (and I very well may) I was pleased to see de Vera has produced a couple of books, one displays jewelry and the other, objects.  The de Vera website features images from each of these books and they are truly wonderful

See images from the de Vera jewelry book here.

See images from the de Vera objects book here.

The de Vera website is also worth a visit if only for the gorgeous image on the home page.

FB12…like these Cigar Bands New Old Stock:  “This is a bag of old never used cigar bands. These are great for crafts, and embellishments. There are over 30 pieces with various designs, and gilt.”

See the “antiques” of French Freak here.

Check out the other cool things French Freak offers here.

Oh yeah, and while you are there, check out French Freak collection of crown objects – crowns being out latest obsession

FB11Lost Cowboy has featured a few posts about candles here and there, and usually we feature a small independent business, like Paddywax.

Paddywax makes candles and diffusers in a few different collections including “Classic” and “Winter Garden.”  Of course we were drawn to Paddywax’s Library Collection: “For all the bibliophiles in our lives we present the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay homage to the literary greats.”

Paddywax has a back story we love: “Fresh out of college and contemplating a career path, Gretchen Hollingsworth and several girlfriends started a group based on the premise that each week, someone would choose a project and lead the group through it. It was a way to explore a creative side, while chatting about jobs (or lack of), post graduate life in Chicago and a slew of other things. Gretchen, a natural leader, was up first. Intrigued by an article on the century-old techniques of candle making, she decided hand-poured candles would be their first adventure. What started as a ‘knickknack, paddywhack’ inspiration became Paddywax.”

Check out Paddywax here.