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a.13For our next trip to New York City (which is coming we have to find our way to Greenwich Village to visit this specialty bookshop: Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.

Bonnie Slotnick describes her shop:  “Old cookbooks are my specialty – from 18th-century rarities to a replacement for a worn-out Betty Crocker cookbook. I’d love to have you visit my cozy Greenwich Village shop, but if you can’t, just let me know what book(s) you’re looking for or what subject you’re researching, and I can help you “browse” over the phone.”

This sounds great to me, and to sweeten the pot, Ms. Slotnick goes on to say: “There’s just enough room in the shop for some items to complement all those cookbooks: tableware, kitchen gadgets, culinary ephemera (booklets, ads, magazines), cookie cutters, vintage postcards, handmade greeting cards, and an assortment of tablecloths, tea towels, and napkins.”

Vintage cook books and related items?  We are SO there!

Visit the Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks website here.

aa33MXYPLYZYK, a shop in New York’s Greenwich Village, specializes in quirky, fun products and lucky for us, they have a website.

I love looking at the stuff

The “odds and ends” section has some really cool stuff, like: the iPlunge – a mini plunger that affixes to your iPhone to allow it to stand up on your desk; and really cool candlesticks in the form of the classic little green army men toys.

Check out the MXYPLYZYK here.

a15OK, Lost Cowboy is not a review site, but from time-to-time we like to pass along comments and observations about the books we read, the movies we see and the concerts and plays we attend.  Recently, we took a quick mid-week trip to New York to see a few of the shows that opened this spring.

First, we caught the revival of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, or better known as the Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe vehicle.  In my opinion, it is really hard to ruin this show, which is one of my favorites, especially with a big budget on Broadway. I was not disappointed, the show was high-energy fun.

About the show: “With the aid of a trusty self-help book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, wily window washer J. Pierrepont Finch (Daniel Radcliffe) enjoys a riotous rise up the corporate ladder. Can he get the promotion, the corner office and the girl, or will he learn balancing business and pleasure can be precarious – but hilarious and oh, so much fun?”

One of my all-time favorite nights in the theater on Broadway was seeing the last production of this show back in the mid-90’s which starred Matthew Broderick.  The new production is definitely well done and it is a thrill to know that – largely due to the star power of Mr. Radcliffe – the show is finding new generations of audiences.

Next, we caught the original musical “Wonderland” – which is a modern take on Alice in Wonderland. 

About the show: “An exciting new spin on the classic story of Alice and her Looking-Glass World, Wonderland is about a modern-day woman who goes on a life-changing adventure far below the streets of New York City, where a marvelous cast of familiar characters help her rediscover what’s really important.”

Well, the show was enjoyable enough, mostly due to the great cast.  However, I understand it will closing this weekena.17d, which means it never found an audience – but I read it will be going out on tour.

And last, but certainly not least, I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the hottest show in town, The Book of Mormon.  Everything you heard about this show is true – it is filthy, raunchy and shocking – and still, it is the funniest and most enjoyable show to come along in some time.

About the show: “Two young Mormons embark on a mission to spread the gospel in Uganda.”

That’s about all you can really say about the show which is otherwise hard to describe without giving too much away or using language inappropriate for this site – you really need to see it.  The Book of Morman is an original musical from the creators of “South Park” – so you can get an idea of the sensibility – which may not be everyone’s taste.  That said, even with the irreverence and clearly “blue” content, at its heart, The Book of Morman is a good old fashioned American musical comedy worthy of all the attention and kudos it has received.

That’s the spring theater report from Broadway…

a.14While looking for something to occupy myself between Broadway shows on my recent trip to New York, I slipped into Discovery Times Square (Discovery TS), “New York City’s first large-scale exhibition center. Extraordinary exhibits and unforgettable experiences come to life at this exciting new vibrant space for entertainment, learning and adventure.”

Basically Discovery TS is a commercial museum space that brings exhibitions to the masses, which I guess is not a bad thing.  For example, currently they are presenting two major exhibitions, the historically based Pompeii The Exhibit, and the pop culture-based, Harry Potter the Exhibit.

I was attracted to the Pompeii exhibit and was very curious to see what Discovery TS had put together – and I was not disappointed.

About Pompeii The Exhibit“Experience Pompeii before and after the epic eruption 2,000 years ago. Imagine the moment their world vanished and discover the miraculous artifacts unearthed since. Witness the life and death of those frozen in time by ash. Over 250 artifacts – includes some never-before-seen objects and the largest collection of body casts ever on display including a dramatic skeleton collection  A brand-new, immersive movie experience depicting a timelapsed representation starting from the moment of Vesuvius’ massive explosion.”

Pompeii The Exhibit was very well curated and the atmosphere created made the tragedy real and relevant all these centuries later.  If you do go, plan for at least a couple of hours to see and experience everything without being rushed, and go at a time when the school groups are not there – unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

Tickets are pricey, but we recommend adding the extra $7 for the audio tour, which truly enhances the experience.

Learn more about Discovery TS here.

See more about the Pompeii exhibition here.

a.11I have the unfortunate reputation of getting into small automobile collisions on a regular basis.  It seems I tend to “tap” people stopped in traffic with some regularity.  Most of the time there is no damage and after receiving the general look of disapproval from the other driver we get back in our cars and drive away.

But the collision with damage is inevitable and being prepared is always a good idea.  I recently came across this really cool Collision Kit from See Jane Work.  This kit is great, it has everything you need in the event you are in a car accident so you can collect all the information you need for insurance or a police report.

About the See Jane Work Collision Kit: “Designed to help you keep your cool and gather your wits when you’ve been involved in a car accident, the Collision Kit includes a flash camera, a pen, and a clipboard with pre-printed forms to remind you to get all the details, including information from the other driver(s) and witnesses. An envelope for your insurance card and registration keeps your documents at hand even when your hands are shaking. Zipped up and glove-compartment sized, the Collision Kit is there when you need it, but we hope you never need it.”

I am going to get a few of these Collision Kits, one for me and a couple to give to friends and family. I think this is thoughtful gift – much like that thing that you keep in your car that can break a window and cut you seat belt should you ever drive off a bridge and sink into water.

See all the other cool things See Jane Work has to offer here.

a.9The artist Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) created masterpieces out of found objects and other things he collected in his life.  He pioneered the modern “assemblage” art that has become quite popular in recent years, and is in fact, the medium in which yours truly dabbles.

Cornell’s work is amazing when looked at nearly 40 years after his death as you can appreciate the influence he has had.  You can also imagine what the art world thought of his work in his lifetime.

The “boxes” Cornell created have influenced my own work and it is great to see that he is still appreciated.  His work is commemorated in perhaps one of the coolest books I have ever seen – “The Joseph Cornell Box.”

About the book, “The Joseph Cornell Box”: “Joseph Cornell’s life, his sources of artistic inspiration, and his intriguing boxes are presented in beautifully collaged spreads in the 80-page book. The book’s design, inspired by Cornell’s boxes, collages, and letters, tells his story in both words and images. A project section aims to inspire the reader to create their own box assemblages. Ideas and materials are suggested for six boxes, including habitat boxes, game boxes, and museum boxes, all based on significant themes in Cornell’s work.”

The internet is full of great resources to see and learn more about Cornell’s work.  Some of the world’s greatest museums have Cornell pieces in their permanent collections.   Here is just a sampling:

From the Art Institute of Chicago.

From the National Gallery of Art (DC)

From the Museum of Modern Art (NYC)