c.1August 1st – the unofficial midpoint of summer which means the joys of the season are in full swing and we can sit back and enjoy all it has to offer. 

Therefore, I thought it was fitting to re-launch Lost Cowboy today to take advantage of the summer high and start sharing some of the experiences and observations I have made in recent times.

Now please, don’t get too excited, the blog’s re-launch is more about a renewed commitment to bring you the narrative of my life in flux and the people, places and things that deserve to be “found” whether or not they were lost to time or are new to us.

If you are new to Lost Cowboy, welcome – if you have been with me all along, thanks!

Who or what is the Lost Cowboy?

At its essence, the idea behind the Lost Cowboy Found blog is about finding the little treasures in life that others may pass by, take for granted, or not appreciate at all.

Sounds huge, I know, but it is really simple.  Over time you will see what we mean and find that there is a whole Lost Cowboy sensibility that you will hopefully understand if not totally embrace.

There is little bit of a back story which will be the narrative that weaves it all together.  Fans that have been with us for the past couple of years know some of the back story – and newbies can look at old posts to catch-up.  But don’t worry, there is plenty to share, so you won’t be lost if you jump right in now.

My name is Jim, and I am the host and “curator” of Lost Cowboy Found.  The back story is my story.  However, I have enlisted the help of friends and other contributors who share a similar sensibility and they will be contributing from time to time.

Beginning today we are back in business and will be making regular posts with our story, our “finds” and in general, our experiences.  Come along and join us!