summer.visit.07.2011The launch of Lost Cowboy Found back in October 2009 coincided with a major shift in my family.  My siblings and I moved our aging parents out of their antique farmhouse in rural Carroll County, New Hampshire to a lower maintenance, one-floor-living home in suburban Massachusetts.  My mother’s health was failing and my dad was slowing down and the distance the NH home was from the family and essential services made the thought of them spending another winter in the house was unbearable for all.

As my parents were settling into their new home, which was also closer to all of us kids who had settled in the metropolitan Boston area, we were trying to figure out what to do with the New Hampshire estate.

Over the summer of 2009 we spent several weekends helping our parents pack up for their move and clean out the sprawling house and barn – all of which was filled to the rafters with the items they had acquired over their 50 year union and passion for collecting things.  Please think of an episode of American Pickers on a good pick as opposed to Hoarders – but there is a thin line.

Anyway, we filled dumpsters, gave stuff away, held barn sales and took things we wanted for ourselves.  The idea being that we could clean up the property enough to put it on the market and hope it sold quickly.

….and that is exactly what we did.