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In the coming days it will become quite evident how I have been spending my time since moving to New Hampshire.  The first few weeks, from Easter to Memorial Day, things were quite bleak, with spring taking its time showing up.  But when the season of renewal finally did arrive, it was glorious.

As I set myself to cleaning up the house that had been closed up for over a year, and dealing with issues like bad water pumps and failed oil tanks, I started to sort through the remnants of treasures left behind.  Around every corner, under every bed, in every closet, I uncovered items that were lost to time and needed to be seen and shared with people who would appreciate them.

The goal was to start bringing some of these finds to be sold at various antique/collectible markets, like the wonderful Todd Farm in Rowley, MA – which I have done a few times so fat this season.

However, I have one small problem… I keep buying more stuff as I go about selling the antiques and collectibles from my parents collections.

I can’t seem to pass by a yard sale, church fair or second-hand store without stopping and buying more stuff.

It seems around every corner as I ride around the back roads of New Hampshire I see cool signs like this…  how could I not stop?


B2One of my favorite things to find are products that are simple solutions to problems you didn’t know you had until you saw it.  What I mean is, until I had a slanted stand for my laptop (thank you Sophie) I didn’t know what I was missing – now I don’t know how I would live without it.

I recently stumbled upon a design studio, Bluelounge, specializing in just this type of product.  Bluelounge describes themselves: “Bluelounge is an incubator of ideas for simplifying our lives. Mixing good design with practicality, everyday problems are elegantly solved.”

Bluelounge has a range of products to help manage your computer and gadget cables, a variety of cool charging stations, and deceivingly simple Nest iPad stand.

A tour around the Bluelounge site will make it clear that there are very smart and creative people out there creating new and funky ways to help us in our modern lives.

See everything the folks at Bluelounge are up to here.