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Buf.2I would never call myself a great cook – but I will say that I am a creative and adventurous chef, willing to try anything at least once.

One of the joys of summer for me is discovering new things to cook on the grill.  Just about every night this summer I have cooked on the grill – and when I haven’t – it was only because I had leftovers from the previous night.

I have explored various ways to grill chicken, burgers and pork – staples of the grilled meat world.  I have also grilled all manner of vegetables and have even mastered cooking pizza on the grill.

Nothing really too crazy.  However, just recently, I picked up some buffalo tenderloin steaks from The Healthy Buffalo, a Chichester, NH-based purveyor of exotic meats.

About The Healthy Buffalo: “The Healthy Buffalo has been distributing bison meat since 1993. We are pleased to offer the finest 100% pure South Dakota buffalo meat. Our supplier is a family owned company that raises, slaughters, and packages its buffalo. The meat is frozen and shipped to us weekly. In addition, we now carry the largest selection of specialty meats such as venison, elk, wild boar, ostrich and other game meats.”

First, I was really impressed by the selection of meat products The Healthy Buffalo offers, which by the way can be ordered online via their website.  I figured the best way to introduce myself to bison meat was with the steaks. 

I cooked the tenderloins on a charcoal grill with the understanding that due to the relatively lean meat (as compared to beef) buffalo meat cooks more quickly.  I cooked the tenderloins for about 9 minutes on one side then flipped them over.  I added some goat cheese to the cooked side, along with a little barbecue sauce and some red onion I had also grilled, and let them cook for another 9 minutes.

The result?  Yummy!

I added two sides: sautéed spinach and steamed broccoli – both purchased from a farmers’ market in Portsmouth, NH.

I have to say this was the perfect mid-summer meal.  The bison steaks were flavorful and tender and I was pleased to have taken the risk.

My pictures here do not do the meal justice, but I wanted to give you some idea of what the finish product looked like.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this was really not my first foray into bison meat.  Several years ago I picked up some frozen buffalo burger patties at Trader Joe’s with every intention of cooking them up.  But alas I never did.  Those poor frozen patties stayed in my freezer for years until they were no longer a viable option. 

After my recent experience with the bison steak I really wish I had tried it much earlier.

What’s next?  Maybe The Healthy Buffalo’s wild boar.  I am not quite ready for elk.


B1OK, I will admit that I have more clothes, shoes and accessories than the average guy, but I have nothing on Sommer Meyer, founder of  Ms. Meyer has built a business around finding a better way to organize her sizeable shoe collection that was overtaking her closets.

Her solution was decorative boxes to house the shoes and display what was inside.  Closet Fetish offers items like the Couture Shoebox which features “a sensible way to organize and store your favorite things. Closet Fetish boxes have a 4×6 frame on the outside of the box which allows you to take pictures of the contents and display them on the box. Please feel free to look around our closets.”

I think these boxes can solve a lot of problems.  In addition, if you are having a bad day, a visit to the Closet Fetish website will make you smile – it is a little bit of fabulous.

Find Closet Fetish here.