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MCAfter my series of posts about summer cottage decorating, I have been flooded with suggestions and ideas for similar places to visit.  Case in point, a few people have mentioned Maine Cottage, a designer, manufacturer and seller of home furnishings that compliment coastal living.

About Maine Cottage: “Maine Cottage is the original home to spirited, colorful furniture perfect for coastal living. You will delight in our thoughtfully selected styles and colors: they all work together. This makes filling a room or whole home easy – no fuss or muss – we’ve already done the hard parts for you. We give you permission to feel good about indulging in Maine Cottage. Our furniture is “real” and built to last a lifetime. Our tasteful style is enduring. Simple, timeless furniture forms combined with beautiful colors and fabrics.”

Oddly, Maine Cottage is based in Maryland where they have a retail outlet.  However, they do sell online and offer a nice selection of furnishings in multiple patterns.  I love the wicker Fiona Rocker – just what I need to sit in on the back porch listening to the symphony of crickets into the wee hours.

Visit Maine Cottage here.

CHOC.3A friend of mine recently admired a picture I took of Mt. Chocorua, a lovely spot in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  I agreed with my friend that the mountain was beautiful and added “and that’s in my back yard.“ 

I of course did not mean literally in my back yard, but figuratively, as the rocky summit of Mt. Chocorua can be spotted all over town, and I feel in some ways it is the beacon that watches over me.  It is like when I am in New York and always looking for the steeple of the Chrysler Building to orient myself and feel a special sense of place.

Anyway, I realized that were you to flatten the acres of protected forest that actually does abut my sabbatical retreat’s back yard, I would have a lovely view of the mountain.

I love Mt. Chocorua and I am not alone.  Even though at 3,490 feet it is clearly modest by mountain standards, Chocorua is very picturesque with it’s bald peak and proximity to the lake that bears the same name.

Urban legend has it that Chocorua is “the most photographed mountain in the world.”  How one quantifies that, I don’t know.  But sitting right off a major route to the White Mountains well traveled by tourists, skiers and nature lovers, one can see how people are compelled to pull off the road to take a photo of this lovely site.

Unlike the New Yorker who has never visited the Statue of Liberty, even with Chocorua “in my back yard” I visit often and takes pictures.  Since I have been living up here in NH, I have made a practice of making sure I have a camera in the car with me all the time as I often stumble upon something that needs to be documented.  I have been chronicling the every changing view of Mt. Chocorua and am always amazed at its beauty.

So this is one of these self-indulgent posts I warned you about…

Here are three pictures I tool of Mt. Chocorua in the past few months. From left to right and/or top to bottom depending on your screen dimensions: Chocorua in Mid-May with the greenery making its way up the southern slopes; Chocorua at twilight in late June; and mid-day on a bright July day.