SH1I have written in the past about my love for container gardens.  For years I have kept one and have had so-so luck with growing things.  But I love trying every year.  This was to be the year of the big garden – with living in farm country and more time to nurse the plants.  I will write more about it later – but let’s just say that the first night the seedlings I spent weeks nursing inside from seed were planted… something (or someone) chomped 90% of them to the root.  I think it was the plump groundhog I have spotted around the barn.

Anyway, I rescued what I could and moved them all to a rather large container garden on the back porch. I also enhanced the garden with some fun growing “kits” like the kind available from Sprout Home

I have purchased many of the Gardens in a bag, and have had great success with them, especially basil.  Sprout offers something I have never seen before, but must say I am eager to try – The Gardener-Plantable Comic Book.

About Sprout Home’s garden shop:  “Sprout garden items include unique and contemporary plants such as passion flower, bamboo, rare ornamental trees and grasses, organic herbs & vegetables, and much more. Sprout also offers design services, specializing in contemporary garden design and rooftop/deck container gardening.”

The perfect retailer for the type of product we love – things designed to help us look like we know what we are doing in the garden.

Sprout Home has two retail locations, in Chicago and Brooklyn, and has a great website with many cool products for the home and garden.

Check out Sprout Home here.