Brim.4.2011.2I have written much about visiting antique shows and flea markets over the past few months.  I go to look, buy and occasionally sell, but no matter what my purpose I enjoy the experience.

I love looking at what people are selling, and what people are buying. I also love the visuals some of the items for sale provide.  Often the merchandise laid out for sale compels me to take a picture.

I am getting ready to head out to the mother of all antique shows in New England, the Brimfield Show, coming up in September.  Brimfield is a collection of shows that runs just three times a year – a week each in May, July and September – and it is heaven for anyone that enjoys vintage items and collects things.  People come from all over the country to be part of the Brimfield experience and it is always great fun.

Anyway, while going through some pictures recently, I found some that I took back in a visit to Brimfield in May.  In addition to being great images, it occurred to me that the pictures demonstrate that one could very easily go to a show like Brimfield and start a collection of almost anything and by the end of the day be an old pro.

Here are a few of the “instant collections” I documented…



Learn more about the Brimfield Show here.