dr1My search for quality home furnishings to help me nest for winter continues.  Thankfully there are many great producers of quality goods out there from which to choose – like Dransfield & Ross.

About Dransfield & Ross“John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross are the influential designers behind their eponymous, sixteen-year old, New York City based, home furnishings company. Melding their passions, they have created a collection of home goods with an idiosyncratic mix of textures and colors, infused with their encyclopedic knowledge of the decorative arts. Besides their existing categories of soft furnishings, they have recently broadened the scope of their collection under the banner of “Mise en Scene” by Dransfield and Ross” to include furniture, decorative accessories, as well as desk and bath accessories.”

Dransfield & Ross offer many great furnishings and accessories for the home – I have my eye on their wonderful collections of pillows.

Explore the home furnishings of Dransfield & Ross here.