GC1Happy Sunday! Well, football season is well underway and it is one of the best things about autumn.  Although I don’t go to many games these days, I still love watching them in high-def and from time-to-time even have my own tailgate party out in the driveway.  This is basically just a fun way to stretch the grilling season into the fall.

I have seen some pretty fancy tailgating set-ups in my day and I have always thought most of them were lacking a little something.  The perfect solution for the lackluster tailgater are the products of GO Chic, who offer a full line of “trendy” tailgating accessories.
About GO Chic: “GO Chic! is all about throwing a tailgating party so fabulous even your rival team will want in on the fun. But our products are equally stunning for any cookout or special event celebration. Based in Foley, Alabama, we have three generations of design experience, and are committed to manufacturing original products in the United States. Attention to every detail throughout our hands-on design and fabrication process ensures the highest quality products our customers have come to expect.”

GO Chic offers many things to class up the standard tailgate party, but my absolute favorites are the Trendy Tailgating Chic Chandeliers.

Pass the bratwurst!

See all of the fun and trendy products GO Chic offers here.